Just a few years saw the woodworking business turn into a successful furniture producer. And so it was in 1958 that Nothdurft took the step from trademan’s business to industrial undertaking – ALNO Möbelwerke GmbH + Co. KG in Pfullendorf. The ground had been prepared for practical innovations, first-class quality and award winning design. But this wasn’t only to the delight of consumers in Germany. The kitchens “Made in Germany” soon became popular internationally too. This is why, in 1969, ALNO started to expand into other European countries, and later on, even worldwide. In the course of all this, ALNO became a public limited company in 1995.

Today, with some 6,000 sales partners in 64 countries, ALNO is one of the world’s leading kitchen manufacturers. Thanks to a long tradition and well-founded experience.

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